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The Bee **** Poem, Necklace and Gift Box****

The Bee **** Poem, Necklace and Gift Box****

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The Bee 

Moving its wings at an impossible rate,

The bee proves you should never underestimate.

A symbol to demonstrate all is possible,

No matter the odds that might seem improbable.


Considered good luck for life and lovers,

The bee draws nectar as it gently hovers.

Reminding us there is honey to be found,

When you take your time and look around.


Discovering honey’s sweetest qualities,

The bee exhibits magical abilities.

Proving nothing is impossible when mixed with love,

Carried by tiny wings from high above.


Custom made for you, this necklace is unique and beautiful!

Size: Gold and Diamond Queen Bee Pendant Charm measures approximately 26mm by 19mm.

Gold filled Bee arrives beautifully packaged for you in a premium gift box.

This necklace is measured opened from end to end
Not sure what length to get? Use a string to mark the spot you would like your necklace to hang, measure the string's length with a ruler

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